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WHO Newsletter on Disability and Rehabilitation - Issue 6 (November 2008)


The World Health Organization (WHO) disability and rehabilitation newsletter is produced three times a year and distributed via e-mail. Subscription/unsubscription requests should be sent to WHO's Disability and Rehabilitation Team (DAR) at the following e-mail address: 



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The impact of global crises on health


18 March 2009 - Events such as the financial crisis and climate change are markers of massive failure in the international systems that govern the way nations and their populations interact. The world desperately needs a corrective strategy. A world that is greatly out of balance in matters of health is neither stable nor secure, said WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan today.

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WHO Newsletter on Disability and Rehabilitation - Issue 7 (April 2009)


The  World  Health  Organization  (WHO) disability  and  rehabilitation  newsletter is produced  three  times  a  year  and  distributed via  e-mail.  Subscription/unsubscription requests should be sent  to WHO’s Disability and  Rehabilitation  Team  (DAR)  at  the following  e-mail  address: